🏛️System design

Below are the proposed system designs.

On-premise/local deployment

A simplistic take on the local deployment can be seen above. Rather than building each software component from source, running them on Docker takes away much of the overhead to setup. Container deployment enables isolation of the lightweight containers running on a shared operating system. This has an advantage also in terms of scaling and take up a notch further by using Kubernetes container orchestration.

Cloud deployment

The system design above describes how Nextway can be deployed on a cloud service provider such as AWS. It is important to note that this is just one example and that the deployment can be carried out on other cloud service providers such as Azure and Google Cloud Platform. For the economic aspect, the business does not have to put up capital expense and only pay what they use for the operational expense. The cost of the operations can be provided by using pricing calculators or the budget and billing reports once the system is up and running.

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